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Solutions and Services for Renewable Power and Storage

Electricity generation has been leading the de-carbonisation journey with ever growing levels of renewable energy. With dramatic improvements in the cost and efficiency of renewable power and storage technologies, there is also a clear trend in recent years for local distributed renewable generation in homes, communities and commercial settings.

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Commercial & Industrial / Public Sector

Increasing energy costs and strong environmental commitments are driving more organisations to consider generating at least some of their energy by themselves locally, for example with rooftop solar PV or even utilising carpark areas with solar carports that can also be linked to EV charge points. Alongside this, the cost and efficiency of solar PV & batteries in particular have dramatically improved in recent years.

Whether you are a commercial entity, local authority, hospital, university or other, Plugyy’s experienced teams together with our technology partners support your complete journey - from initial concept and feasibility, through procurement, implementation and into operations, maintenance and monitoring of the systems.

Many large energy consumers are interested in hedging their energy costs while consuming green renewable energy. However, not all companies are able or interested in making the capital investment. Plugyy, working with our funding partners, can provide a fully funded Corporate PPA solution – We can provide the complete design, installation and maintenance, all fully funded. You will then purchase the energy during the operational phase based on pre-agreed price and terms. You consume green renewable power at attractive and secured prices, without the need for any upfront capital costs.


Corporate PPAs

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Property Developers / M&E

New buildings, whether residential or commercial, must now adhere to strict energy and environmental standards. As part of the UK Government’s Future Homes Standard, new homes will only be able to install energy efficient heating systems and will produce 31% lower emissions compared to the current levels. New developments can now also benefit from roof integrated solar PV systems, which are more aesthetically pleasing and help with planning.

Plugyy works with Developers and construction firms to deliver renewable energy, low carbon heat and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Working nationally across the UK, our teams and partners work flexibly to support all phases of the developments.

With fast increasing energy costs, generating some of your own electricity and possibly storing it for use at suitable hours makes perfect financial sense, whilst also taking part in society’s effort to combat climate change. The cost and efficiency of solar PV & batteries have dramatically improved in recent years and with 0% VAT on solar panels installed in residential accommodation in Great Britain, solar PV is an ever more compelling proposition for homes. The cost of solar has fallen by around 85% over the past decade and can be installed in just one day on some domestic roofs. Solar PV can be installed on an existing roof or as integrated into the roof of homes.

Plugyy’s experienced team with our technology partners support your complete journey - from initial assessment, planning and installation into the operations, maintenance and monitoring of the systems.

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Residential Homes

Some of our Technology Partners


Renewable Developers / Community Energy

Electricity generation has been leading the de-carbonisation journey. In the UK there is currently 14GW of solar capacity and the Government expects a five-fold increase in deployment of solar PV by 2035. With a strong drive and demand for further deployment of renewables and storage, Plugyy is working with developers and communities to bring further renewable energy projects online.

Case Study

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Design, Installation and O&M for commercial rooftop solar PV system

The WMG Academy for Young Engineers in Coventry supports young apprentices aged 16 to 19 in gaining experience in engineering. Jaguar supports in the engineering training and education of the students. The Plugyy team was asked to design, supply and install a solar PV system for the academy’s site in Coventry. The specification of 3 roof top solar PV installation comprised of 40 kWp. The system was carefully designed to ensure shading was accounted for and bespoke A-frames were manufactured to account for the large parapet walls on one of the three rooftop areas. The other two rooftop areas comprised of low pitch K2 S-Dome roof mounting systems.

Solar PV Sytstem
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