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Powering Your Journey into the Energy Future

Plugyy develops, delivers and operates Net-Zero and E-Mobility solutions for businesses and cities.

The Future of Energy is Here

The Energy Transition is fast accelerating. Power de-carbonisation has led the way with increasing levels of renewable energy over the past years. Heating and Transport are now following, with a major shift for both being electrified and de-carbonised, with rapidly increasing numbers of electric vehicles on our roads, heat pumps and growing levels of solar energy in homes and commercial buildings. The future of energy is clearly green, distributed and digital.

Plugyy works with organisations from the private and public sectors to help develop and deliver their journey to net-zero and e-mobility, from strategic advisory and feasibility work, through delivery and installation to operations & management.

Some Key Figures


UK Councils have declared a climate emergency


Legally binding deadline for UK to reach Net-Zero


of new homes should be fitted with low carbon heating and EV charge points


UK Government ban on sale of new petrol or diesel cars


UK Government Boiler Upgrade Scheme to help install low-carbon heating systems

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