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Cleaner, Greener and Healthier Cities and Businesses

Our urban landscape, communities and businesses are changing as we journey toward Net-Zero. Cities, organisations and businesses alike are moving towards green energy generated locally, using innovative and smart energy technologies for power, heat and transportation, with around 300 councils in the UK having declared a climate emergency.

Plugyy works with local authorities, public sector organisations and businesses of all sizes to support their journey toward net-zero, from initial strategy, planning and feasibility to implementation, delivery and operation.

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The Net Zero Journey  

With climate change considered one of society’s key global challenges and the Energy Transition underway, both the private and public sector appreciate the importance and relevance of moving toward net zero.

In the UK, around 300 Council have already declared a climate emergency, setting stretching targets to achieve net zero, in some cases as early as 2030. Many businesses have also set ambitious goals in their journey to net zero. This journey comes with significant challenges for communities, cities and businesses. From establishing the baseline data and starting point, engaging with and bringing on board all relevant stakeholders, agreeing goals and working out detailed plans and then delivering the programmes and monitoring.

Driving toward net zero is now expected and often demanded by many communities, customers and companies. The journey to net zero does come with many challenges, but also represents significant opportunities for communities and customers.

For city residents, the opportunity to be supplied by green local energy at affordable prices leveraging innovative and smart energy technologies to help the energy system work better for local people, reducing air pollution, tackling fuel poverty and improving energy efficiency for homes and local businesses.

As a business, offering your customers the opportunity to benefit from products and services that are delivered with less environmental harm and by a responsible organisation shows leadership in tackling the important challenges of climate change and pollution, as now expected by both private and corporate customers.

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Creating Value for Residents and Customers  

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Delivering Through Partnerships

Delivering toward Net Zero goals clearly requires partnerships. Aside from the critical and significant engagement needed internally with important stakeholders within the organisation, cities and companies are increasingly looking to cooperate with external organisations, often in a long term strategic partnership, who can provide the right level of technical, financial and management expertise needed to deliver the complex projects and access to capital required.

Some Key Figures


UK Councils have declared a climate emergency


of new homes should be fitted with low carbon heating and EV charge points


Government ban on sale of new petrol or diesel cars


UK Government expect a five-fold increase in solar PV deployment by 2035


EV's estimated to be on the European roads within a decade

Case Study


Supporting a large local authority in England with its net zero strategy implementation

Plugyy is supporting the sustainability team and senior leadership of a city council in England to establish a strategy and process for partnering with industry, to help develop and deliver its net zero ambitions for the city.

Plugyy’s leadership team is well placed to provide this support having been heavily involved in the Bristol Leap process – in his previous role, our Commercial Director, Shimon Shoshani, established and co-led the Marubeni/E.ON consortium, one of 2 final bidding consortiums in an extensive procurement process for a 20 year concession to become Bristol Council’s strategic partner to decarbonise the city’s energy system

Net Zero case
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