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University of Derby selects Plugyy as partner to provide research studies on De-Carbonisation

Plugyy is delighted to be collaborating with the University of Derby on its MSc Management Corporate Placement Projects. As part of the collaboration, Plugyy will be welcoming several Msc students from the University to collaborate on various research projects related to de-carbonisation of cities, sustainable energy technologies and business solutions in the UK and other countries.

Dr. Olivia Ramsbottom, Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader of the MSc Management programme, said:

"The use of real world organisations is key to giving our students understanding of the current challenges facing businesses and how to respond to them.

Shimon Shoshani, Plugyy's Commercial Director commented:

We’re looking forward to these collaborations. Plugyy is busy supporting our various customers in their ongoing efforts and future plans to de-carbonise energy and move toward e-mobility. It is important that we as a company collaborate with academia and local talent to continue to be innovative in our approach and technologies, and our team is very much looking forward to working with the University of Derby.

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